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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Beyond the Heavens

If you're a Nathan Gamble fan, you won't want to miss this one! Hope you enjoy it!

Beyond the Heavens (2013). Was originally going to be called "Barlowe Mann" but then was later changed to "Beyond the Heavens". Writer/Director Corbin Bernsen (25 Hill, Rust) and Nathan Gamble (25 Hill, Dolphin Tale, The Dark Knight) star in the powerful story about a boy whose search for answers leads him to faith. 

Contest (2013)

Plot: Bullied high school student Tommy (Daniel Flaherty) is suddenly befriended by his chief tormentor, Matt (Kenton Duty), the school’s most popular student and star athlete. Tommy is suspicious, but is forced to accept the awkward friendship in order to enter a cooking contest with a big prize. And besides, it’s so much easier to impress his crush, Sarah (Katherine McNamara), when he’s not getting beat up by Matt and his team. As the cooking contest heats up, Sarah sniffs out a conspiracy, but nobody wants to hear about it. Can Tommy trust his budding friendship with Matt or is it all a huge joke on him?

The Christmas Martian (1971)

Le martien de Noël / The Christmas Martian

Director: Bernard Gosselin
Stars: Marcel Sabourin, Catherine Leduc, François Gosselin, Guy L'Ecuyer, Roland Chenail, Paul Hébert, Louise Poulin-Roy

This is a French Canadian Christmas movie for children. The martian comes to this small town in Quebec and becomes friends with the town children. He gives them smarties to get the children into his spacecraft. This alarms the parents and they decide to kill the alien. The alien wins them over and they have a great big Christmas party.

Or, from Cinemageddon releaser:
I don't even really know how to describe this movie. It was weird, and I kept getting torn on liking it, and hating it. I would honestly see this as a direct descendant of Santa vs the Martians.
Basically these kids are on Christmas vacation and they're just running around through the snow covered town, chopping down their Christmas tree, and the girl picks up this big matchstick which makes her fly all over the place, which they learn was dropped by this martian, who is really just some bizarre dude dressed in a fishnet (literally), and he befriends the kids, and feeds them candy and flies them over the Sahara in his saucer, all the while playing hockey on his stomach, worrying the townspeople and attempting to fix his saucer, which was broken somehow and explains why he's there.
The bad dubbing (from french) just adds to the strangeness. It's almost as if this is a precursor of E.T., except this martian is just some creep dressed in a fishnet and isn't lovable in the slightest. Oh... I forgot about the soundtrack - it's weird too, 70's electronic bleeps and bloops at odd occasions.
EDIT: I almost forgot... the martian's name is "Poo Flower". POO FLOWER!!

François Gosselin, one movie boy

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Long Day Closes (1992)

Terence Davies’ autobiographical film, “The Long Day Closes”, is a film unlike any other. Davies’ recreates his lonely gay adolescence with rich film sequences overlayed with dialogue and music from the movies that enriched his childhood. Davies’ alter ego, 11-year-old Bud, is a sad and isolated boy with an old man’s face and demeanor. His family loves him but he is bullied at school and barely has a friend his own age. He is at times such a quiet presence he is like a ghost who has returned to the past, revisiting Davies’ memories of a gray childhood. Movies are one of his few sources of happiness, as Davies uses popular music of the era and dialogue from movies to provide comment on the boy’s situation and internal life. There are sequences in this film that are unforgettable.

Boyactor: Leigh McCormack (as Bud)

Language: English
Subtitles: English .srt

Léolo (1992)

Young Leo Lauzon is torn between two worlds - the squalid Montreal tenement that he inhabits with his severely dysfunctional family, and the imaginative world that he constructs for himself through his writings, where he's Leolo Lozone, son of a Sicilian peasant (conceived in a bizarre act involving a tomato). His experiences of growing up (especially his sexual development) affect his response to both these worlds...